Hex Head Wooden Screws DIN571 Hexagon Wood Screws Factory Price Short Production Cycle

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·Standard: DIN / ASTM

·Size: m6-m12

· Supply Ability: 200 Tons per Month

· Sample Time:3-5days

·Payment method: T / T, L / C

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Wood screw, also known as wood screw, is similar to machine screw, but the screw thread is a special wood screw thread, which can be directly screwed into a wood component (or part) to connect a metal (or non-metal) part with a through hole with a wood component. This kind of connection is also detachable.

The advantage of wood screw is that it has stronger consolidation capacity than nailing, and can be removed and replaced, which does not damage the wood surface and is more convenient to use.

 The common types of wood screws are iron and copper. According to the nail head, they can be divided into round head type, flat head type and oval head type. The nail head can be divided into slotted screw and cross slotted screw. Generally, the round head screw is made of mild steel and is blue. The flat head screw is polished. The oval head screw is usually plated with cadmium and chromium. It is often used to install loose leaf, hook and other hardware accessories. The specifications are determined by the diameter and length of the rod and the type of the nail head. The box is the unit of purchase.

 There are two kinds of screwdrivers for installing wood screws, one is straight and the other is cross, which is fit for the groove shape of wood screw head. In addition, there is a special driver installed on the bow drill, which is suitable for loading and unloading larger wood screws. It is convenient and labor-saving.

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