Yellow / white Zinc CCK Head C1022A DIN7505 Harden MDF furniture Chipboard Screw For Wood

Short Description:

· Size:M3.5/M4/M5/M6

· Finish:Black phosphorous/Zinc plated

· Color:Black/White/Yellow

· Material:C1022A

· Packing:25kg Bag/Box with carton

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Chipboard screws is a kind of product which is suitable for electric tool installation after heat treatment process. It is mainly used for connection and fastening between wood plates and between wood plates and thin steel plates. The size is m3-m6, material is high strength c102a, surface treatment is galvanized, the color is generally yellow, blue and white.

In the whole fastener industry, this product is as important as dry wall screw and has a large sales volume. It is widely used in furniture manufacturing and other industries, but it is still limited in DIY market. At present, domestic consumers purchase this variety in building materials supermarket, mainly used for installation of guide rails, hinges (such as 3.5 * 16, etc.), fish expansion installation (such as 4 * 40, etc.), and replacing wood screws to install and manufacture furniture and cabinets. The quality is better, the yuan Ling plate produced by Shanghai hangtou standard parts factory is better and the quality packaging price is better It is economical and economical in all aspects. The claw cutting tail fiber board screw is an improved product of ordinary fibreborn screw. It is mainly optimized from the design of thread, pursuing higher drilling speed, and solving the problem of cracking easily caused by the use of hard wood, and the technical content is high.

To a large extent, it can replace the use of ordinary wood screw (wood screw without heat treatment). At the same time, wood screws are produced by the technology of shrinking rod first proposed by AIDS to navigation, which not only saves materials, but also makes the thread sharper.

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