Coarse thread single thread drywall screw

Short Description:

· Size:M3.5/M4.2

· Finish:Black phosphorous/Zinc plated

· Color:Black/White/Yellow

· Material:C1022A

· Packing:25kg Bag/Box with carton

Product Detail

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Drywall screws is a kind of screws, the biggest feature in appearance is the shape of trumpet head,which is divided into double fine tooth drywall screw and single coarse tooth drywall screw. The biggest difference between the two is that the thread of the former is double thread.

The single thread thick tooth drywall screw has wider thread and faster tapping speed. At the same time, it is more suitable for the installation of wood keel than double thread thin tooth drywall screw because it will not damage the structure of wood material itself after tapping into wood.

In foreign countries, the general construction attaches great importance to the selection of appropriate fastener products. Single line thick tooth drywall screw is a substitute for double line thin tooth drywall screw, which is more suitable for the connection of wood keel. In the domestic market, for a long time, double thread fine tooth drywall screws have been used, so it takes time to change the usage habit.

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